Commercial Accident Repair
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Perrys Commercial Accident Repair Centre covers some 35,000 sq. ft modern buildings with state-of-the-art JOSAM chassis cab & wheel alignment systems imported especially from Sweden and are only one of a few in the UK.

We also have 2 dedicated spray booths ensuring the highest quality repairs for our wide client base offering an onsite Spies Hecker paint mix system & paint match spectrometer.

Our JOSAM System also includes chassis re-alignment and cab jig facilities. The re-alignment system is an integral piece of equipment which once again benefits from laser technology and the overall outcome of our accident repair projects. The floor-based system operates using a series of press trolleys locked into a frame, which hold and apply pressure at specific points in order to return the chassis to its pre-accident state.

We also offer a variety of other Bodyshop dedicated repair systems. which include:

  • Truck Cam wheel alignment system using cameras
  • Heat induction Alesco 3000 equipment
  • GYS Invertor Spot welder BP LCX with 3 arms.
  • GYS EVOLUTION PTI s7 with insulated arms & C10 arm.
  • Miracle pull & dent system.
  • Platform lifts Genie & Upright scissor lifts & Upright TM12 V masts used.
  • Haweka Axis 400 Wheel & Chassis Alignment System