You need to be able to rely on your fleet of vehicles and that’s why Renault Trucks have developed a range of services that guarantee you have transport capacity when you need it, including knowledge of your vehicle’s condition and data; solutions for secure vehicle availability with forward planning and reduction of downtime through predictive maintenance; assistance services in the event of breakdowns or unforeseen repairs; vehicle replacement; on-site maintenance and the availability of spare parts.

The Renault Trucks Excellence Contract provides you with full cover and the most extensive repair and maintenance contract on offer. Delivering total piece of mind that your entire vehicle is being maintained to an outstanding condition, with genuine Renault Trucks parts. This means you, as the owner/ operator, can relax in the knowledge that you will not receive any surprises when it comes to the cost of repairs. With a pre-planned service schedule to suit your operation, your vehicle will always be ready when you need it, giving you maximum uptime. With all inspections and work carried out by a skilled Renault Trucks Technician, your vehicle will be maintained to a top condition throughout the contract period, keeping residual values high. Repairs to the driveline and chassis and cab, including wear parts, are included within the contract, giving you full confidence that anything can be repaired and that your vehicle will be returned to you in excellent condition. Administrative time is cut as costs and payment for the running and maintenance of your vehicle are simplified, thanks Renault Trucks easy monthly payment system.