The AXIS4000 axle alignment system is an innovative cutting-edge product of years of experience with mobile wheel alignment. It enables modern, highly precise and fast gauging. The global high demands in vehicle measurements – in connection with flexible and precise measurement technology – have given HAWEKA the tip to further develop this measurement method. With the AXIS4000, an axle measurement system was created that corresponds to the required handling and measurement precision standards of truck wheel alignment systems.

Technical Features:

  • Fast measurement of the single and total toe, centering of the steering gear, camber, castor, kingpin inclination, toe-out-on-turns, max. steering angle, tilt and the axle offset
  • Wireless transmission of the measurement values to the log
  • Computer based wheel alignment – scale alignment via software
  • Quick installation on the steel rims thanks to different magnetic holders
  • Also ideal for aluminium rims thanks to the quick-action clamping device (gripper-arm holder system)
  • Measurement done in normal driving condition of the vehicle no lifting is required
  • Fast recording of the required nominal value using the 360° rotatable camera measurement heads
  • Direct display of the setup on the monitor
  • Protocol with measurement and setup values “before/after”